Workforce Assessment

Companies everywhere are searching for ways to create and sustain a true competitive advantage.  However, many companies never achieve a true competitive advantage because an integrated human-asset strategy is woefully absent from most business plans.  The negative results often include highly inefficient work processes, poor customer service, missed market opportunities, rampant employee turnover, eroding market share, and reduced profits. 

Imagine an environment where inefficiency is minimized, where your talented employees feel valued as contributors to shared success,and where you get more productivity from all of your human-asset investments while improving profitability.

SEAPLACE Training Advisors can get you there with measurable bottom-line results.  It all starts with SEAPLACE Integrated Performance Assessments. The SEAPLACE Assessments examine the critical areas essential to the success of all individuals and companies.

Key motivators for selecting the SEAPLACE Integrated Performance

Assessments include:

  • When skill gaps or training needs are not obvious.

  • When the reasons for poor performance is not clearly understood.

  • Commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.

  • Targeted market expansion and new business goals.

  • Your employees possess diverse skill sets, but they are largely undocumented and not recorded.

  • New technology or processes are being deployed.

  • Poor job performance is leading to costly downtime or delays.

SEAPLACE Workplace Assessments are the first steps on the journey to creating and sustaining your competitive advantage…  Call today to get started!