Training Material

SEAPLACE Training Solutions is dedicated to providing professionally designed courseware and training materials in a series Off-the-Shelf training courseware in personal productivity, communications, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, managing conflict, time management, project management, strategic management, presentation skills, change management, customer service, and negotiation skills topics.

SEAPLACE Off-the-Shelf Training Courseware employs the latest adult learning methodology that enhances the learning experience for all participants. TFE Graphic and Instructional Designers have put an end to Death-by-PowerPoint with TFE dynamic PowerPoint presentations that incorporate rich content… utilize stunning graphics… and, employ eye-popping animations! 

Each SEAPLACE Business Training Courseware package includes a content rich, graphically appealing, animated PowerPoint presentation with interactive exercises and detailed worksheets. 

The PowerPoint presentation is supplemented with a Learner’s Workbook, Learner’s Recommended Reading List, and a Facilitator’s Guidebook.  A series of Facilitator Training Manuals – Icebreakers, Training Games, and Evaluating Training round out the SEAPLACE Off-the-Shelf Training Courseware Package.

SEAPLACE Off-the-Shelf Training Courseware is ideal for filling universal business soft skills training needs. Plus, there is a substantial cost saving as compared to the price of custom training courseware development. 


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