Training Facilitation

Training costs can quickly rise when one or more individuals are sent to a remote location to attend a training course. It is often tempting to allow employees to learn through trial and error, but this is also a waste of time and money. A simple solution to such a logistical problem is the SEAPLACE Instructor-led, On-site Training Services.

SEAPLACE Instructor-led, On-site Training Services provides a scalable training delivery method that still remains personal, dynamic, and interactive. Your participants practice skills and receive guidance from an expert facilitator…  Your SEAPLACE Certified Master Trainer!

SREAPLACE Certified Master Trainers are experienced training professionals who will work with you to deliver classroom training, customized to your specific business needs:

  • Classroom setting where SEAPLACE professional, experienced trainers and facilitators deliver dynamic, real-world training.

  • Interactive and high energy where participants have the ability to ask questions and focus on key areas.

  • Business-focused training is designed to support your selling model and business strategies.

  • Training exercises are based on real-life scenarios to ensure impact and retention.

Training for Excellence

SEAPLACE Instructor-led, On-site Training is tailored to your business needs and strategies, designed with the end-user in mind, and delivered by unparalleled training expertise and business focus. 

Call today to schedule your next live training event with a SEAPLACE Certified Master Trainer.