Entrepreneurial Mentoring

The purpose of the Seaplace Mentoring Programs is to provide an enrichment program for entrepreneurs of startups and early growth companies.  The benefits that you, as the entrepreneur, will derive from the program, are specific skills and knowledge concerning business tactics that are critical for your business development.  Acquiring specific skills and knowledge, and interacting with your personal Seaplace Mentor, helps you gain confidence that will advance your business development success.

The Seaplace Mentoring Programs provides you, the entrepreneur, with a highly experienced senior business executive who performs the dual role of acting as your personal business mentor, as well as, your general business advisor.  Based on years of personal business experiences, your Seaplace Mentor is a valuable source for business information and acts as a sounding board for ideas, strategies, and plans.  Your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor continually utilizes his previous business experiences and skills to improve your effectiveness as a successful business owner.

The Seaplace Mentoring Programs are based on a blended learning approach.  This blended learning approach is a combination of one-to-one interactive tele-mentoring sessions, alternative communication media, various business activity exercises, and instructional strategies.  Rather than developing an instructor-paced learning style, Seaplace’s blended learning approach develops a self-paced learning style.  This self-paced learning style alone leads to more effective learning and increased knowledge retention.

The Seaplace Mentoring Program’s one-to-one sessions are both an educational exchange and an interactive forum.  The educational exchange is a discussion of best business practices and tactics that apply to your current issues(s) or concern(s).  The interactive forum is an opportunity for you and your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor to brainstorm new ideas and to discuss strategies as they relate to various aspects of your business.

Each Seaplace Mentoring Program starts with a Pre-Assessment.  This Pre-Assessment is a personal assessment of your level of business skills, knowledge, and related work experiences.  Results of this assessment are used to generate feedback and establish objectives for areas within your business knowledge base that require greater attention.  This pre-assessment enables your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor to maximize your learning experience by focusing his attention and efforts on relevant segments of the specific Seaplace Mentoring Program that provide the greatest benefit to you.  By tailoring the sequence of material and program content to your personal and business needs, your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor helps you master all the required competencies and strategies that are needed to start and grow your new business.

During the course of the Seaplace Mentoring Program, your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor is continually monitoring the results of your activities and your progress to insure that your personal and business objectives of the program are implemented.  Your Seaplace Mentor/Advisor also performs periodic re-assessments to determine whether or not your initial personal and business objectives have been met.  If the results of a re-assessment indicate that certain objectives still have not been achieved, or if additional objectives have been identified, then further remediation is generated to achieve the desired results.  This cycle of pre-assessment, learning, and re-assessment of objectives is repeated until it reflects success.

The Seaplace mentoring process is simple, but effective. You supply the desire, the passion, and the persistence that is crucial to catapulting your business to that next level, and let Seaplace supply the strategy and the guidance to get you there.