Business Publishing

The Seaplace Group is a self-publisher or indie publisher and the custodian of the intellectual property of Terry H. Hill and his team of Associates.  The works include publications, articles, books, audio and video recordings, trademarks, inventions, and their patents, design, architecture and works of art.

Seaplace is involved in publishing and inventions design, marketing, and distribution of educational material for the small business community.

Our library of educational materials includes both paper-based (PDF) and interactive (multimedia) resources. These can be case studies, ebooks, guidebooks, special reports, audio, video, tutorials, simulations and games, webinars, and online workshops.

Formats of our resources:

Paper-based (PDF) resources:

These resources include a wide variety of printable material and notes. They are made available to students in PDF format. We have such materials for numerous areas within small business sector.

Multimedia (Interactive) resources:

These resources allow students to not only receive information but also the ability to interact with it.  They include not only video and audio but also interactive graphs, interactive timelines, decision trees, exercises and more.  That way their design includes gamification strategies, feedback, competition, role-playing, serious gaming, learning by doing and project-based learning, among others.

These materials are distributed and accessed 100% online and are recommended for face-to-face, blended, and online learning. 

Terry H. Hill and his team has been developing these type of materials since the 1980s.  This has allowed us to learn and develop digital content with increased interactivity, greater functionality, and higher level of user experience. 

Each year we develop new resources for all areas of the small business community.  These materials also support the latest trends in learning. They allow for the assimilation of theories and put into practice in real world entrepreneurial situations.