Business Planning

The purpose of the Seaplace Business Planning Service is to provide you, the business owner, with a well-seasoned staff of business professionals that assist you in more clearly defining your business strategies. We offer valuable insights and recommendations in helping you develop your successful business strategies.  In addition to helping you define your strategies; We work with you and your staff to produce a useful set of comprehensive planning documents while assisting you and your team with the required implementation.

The results of outsourcing your business planning requirements to The Seaplace Group, makes it possible for you to continue to focus on what you do best… running your business.  The benefit of the Seaplace Business Planning Service is that you receive a comprehensive set of professional developed documents that clearly define what you intend to do and how you plan to accomplish it.  These documents become your “roadmap” that allows you to think strategically, to act operationally, and to effectively communicate your vision. 

The importance of having written goals, objectives and strategies cannot be overstated. These all-important planning documents provide a focus for your organization and its people… assists in building a goal-oriented and cohesive team… and defines how the resources of your organization are going to be allocated or applied.

The structure of the Seaplace Integrated Business Planning Service is to coordinate all aspects of your business through an integrated process that creates workable plans which allows you to respond and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.  The Seaplace Integrated Business Planning Service is a fee-based comprehensive planning service comprised of a number of interlinking plans from Strategic Planning, to Feasibility Studies, Marketing Plans, and Formal Business Plans. 

You can either engage The Seaplace Group for your total business planning requirements or you may initially chose to engage us for only a specific plan requirement.  In either case, The Seaplace Group applies our expertise, insight, and a proven methodology to help you plan for the unexpected.