Business Consulting

The Seaplace Group of experienced associates address issues and challenges that privately held companies face in each stage of their business life cycle.  We help our clients achieve peak performance by developing additional business skills and by creating greater efficiency within their processes.

The Seaplace Group is supported by a worldwide web-based network of professional Senior Business Executives.This elite association provides a depth of resources that enables The Seaplace Group to assist its clients with any issue or challenge that they may be facing.  These affiliations collectively add a tremendous scope to Legacy’s business consulting and advisory capabilities.

The Seaplace Group assist business owners and executives of small enterprises, less than 100 employees, in the following areas:

Operations Consulting

Seaplace Operations consulting services help clients assess the current state of internal workflow, processes, and procedures with the goal of improving operational effectiveness. We work with the clients to identify strengths and weaknesses within the organization and then recommend ways to improve various operational functions.

Our common areas of operations consulting expertise include:

  • Product Development
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Lean
  • Capital Productivity
  • Asset Optimization
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Service Operations

Organizational Consulting

Seaplace organizational consulting services help clients evaluate and optimize the structure of the company. We may focus on internal matters like human capital, or external matters like corporate restructuring.

Our common areas of organizational consulting expertise include:

  • Behavior & Culture
  • Change Management
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership & Talent
  • Organization Design & Development
  • Transformational Change

Marketing and Sales Consulting

Seaplace marketing and sales consulting services help clients understand how best to conduct business in certain industries. We help clients increase sales by identifying key consumer markets and recommending ways to reach those consumers more effectively.

Our common areas of marketing and sales consulting expertise include:

  • Branding
  • Consumer & Shopper Insights
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Return on Investment
  • Pricing
  • Sales & Channel Management