Brand Messaging

At The Seaplace Group, we believe branding is about more than the way your business looks. It’s about the way you make your clients feel. Your branding should do more than just look pretty. It should showcase the transformational value of your services and what it can mean for your client’s life or business.

When your branding speaks directly to the heart of what your target audience absolutely desires and needs, that’s when you can generate more leads and make sales. And the best part is that your branding can do this for you — so you don’t have to work harder to win more clients.

Value proposition, unique selling proposition, brand benefits, there are various terms to describe your “why.”  Why is what you are doing special and different?  Why should your audience care, what’s in it for them? This is the crux of the work that is required to create brand messaging that is compelling, differentiating and effective.

Uncovering your unique value proposition or your brand benefits is at the heart of the work that needs to be done to create a messaging framework. It’s worth taking the time to do it right.  At The Seaplace Group, we have developed a structured approach that is embodied in various guidebooks and workbooks that we have created. This body of work contains set of questions that forces you and your team to think through your offering in a holistic way.

The truth is that none of the questions are earth-shatteringly insightful, but when you work through them all, you are forced to fill in all the blanks and be very honest with yourself about what it is you are delivering.

The Seaplace Group material includes a number of questions that allow you to think about the impact that you want your brand messaging to have on your audience. How you want them to think, feel and act.  This is critical because your messaging should engage your audience intellectually and emotionally if you want them to act.

While the guidebooks and workbooks guide you through the process, the most important result is the formulation of the three value promises that you are making to your audience that embody your brand benefits.

These promises have nothing to do with you and your capabilities and everything to do with the transformation the audience can expect for themselves. How will you make their lives better? What will they be doing differently? What direct benefits can they expect?  Will you have them save money or free up time or change the way they work? These three promises become the core of your organization’s unique value proposition.