Group coaching offers unique benefits to both you as the coach and your group members. But how do you know whether your members are on the path to reaching their goals and are enjoying the benefits of your program to their fullest? Similarly, how do you know for certain whether your group coaching program is helping you achieve your own business goals?

Measuring Success for Your Group Coaching Members

Your group members’ primary goal is to achieve the outcome you’ve promised in your program. They need to walk away from your group coaching program with fresh insights and skills that will help them overcome their problems and see results.

To ensure your members are on the path to success, run accountability checks to regularly measure their progress. When someone joins a group coaching program, they’re responsible for taking action to achieve their goals. They know that they will need to answer both to you and their peers in the group. This is one of the major success factors of group coaching.

You can also judge how they’re developing by looking at their progress. For example, you can give them tasks to complete as homework during the program and see how they get on. When you come back together for the next session, the group can discuss how the homework went and you can offer further assistance.

The only way to find out for sure whether your members are getting the results they need is to ask them. This means gathering feedback.

Do this after each live session. Ask your members how they’re getting on and what they think about the program thus far. Build in a more formal mid-program review in the form of a questionnaire or, if your group is small enough, call each person up to have a discussion.

At the end of the program, send evaluation sheets to get feedback from members. Follow up with them or offer further one-on-one coaching sessions to make sure they’re staying on track.

Take careful note of the feedback you receive and make changes as you go along to give group members a better coaching experience.

Measuring Your Results

How do you know if you’re achieving your business goals with group coaching? A good place to start is by clarifying exactly what you hope to achieve through your program. When you know your goal, you can choose the right metric to track your progress towards it.

For example, if your primary aim is to earn more, the metric you would choose to track is your income. You can see how much you’re earning in relation to time spent.

Your goal might be to gain more one-on-one clients. Through your group program, you can take members who want to achieve greater results and offer them individual coaching. The metric to track here is sign-ups for your individual coaching sessions. How many of your group coaching program’s members are signing up for one-on-one sessions?

One metric that’s important to monitor regardless of your goal is member sign-ups for your group coaching program. Set goals for growing your membership. If you’re not seeing the growth you would like, this might mean you need to change your marketing strategy and target your ideal customer more effectively.

Choose the Right Metric and Monitor It

Monitoring your results is important, so it’s something you should set aside regular time for. Identify your goal and select one metric that will tell you whether you’re achieving it or not. Don’t waste time measuring data for the sake of it.

For your clients, remember that they have certain expectations when they come to you for coaching. Your job is to clarify these expectations beforehand and then meet those expectations during the program. Offer members regular opportunities to provide feedback and you’ll clearly see what’s working and what isn’t.

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